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CH THERMOSTAT is a distinguished brand from China, expertly delivering premium temperature control and heating solutions in the realm of small appliances. We craft our solutions with a singular focus: to meet the needs of businesses that won't compromise on reliability.

We offer a diverse product line, including adjustable thermostats, liquid expansion thermostats, limiters, ceramic heating elements, mica plate heaters, and heating films, all of which are widely used in various household appliances. Through our commitment to quality products and exceptional service, we have earned the trust and support of customers worldwide.

Chung Shun Industrial Co., Ltd. — Origin

Established in 2000 in Hong Kong, Chung Shun Industrial experienced rapid growth in business volume within a few years, driven by industry focus and persistent efforts.


Zhong Xin Da Electrical Appliance (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. — A New Chapter

To keep up with new industrial trends, Chung Shun Industrial underwent a transformation in 2004 in Shenzhen and was restructured to become Zhong Xin Da Electrical Appliance (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Hereinafter referred to as "CH". The new entity formed a professional team of over 500 individuals, with more than 100 specializing in R&D and management. The products have been awarded the ISO 9000 management system certification along with various international certifications, reaching a daily output of 200,000 units, and are distributed in both domestic and international markets.


Aotai Electrical Appliance Ltd. — Business Expansion

In 2012, for further market consolidation and business scope expansion, CH established a subsidiary focused on the R&D of heating products. Leading products such as mica panel heaters, ceramic heating rods, and heating films have been extensively applied in a variety of heating devices, like heaters, dryers, toasters, etc.


Guangdong Zhong Xin Da Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. — Expansion of Scale

In 2018, to broaden its market reach and enhance production efficiency, CH inaugurated a new factory in Maoming City. This factory boasts a constant temperature and humidity dust-free workshop, state-of-the-art automated installation equipment, and automatic temperature measurement furnaces. With a daily production capacity of 200,000 units using imported high-precision bimetallic strips as raw materials, its products are widely implemented in a range of household appliances.

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