Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

We are a factory specialized in producing adjustable thermostat switches, liquid Expansion thermostat switches, temperature limiters and heating elements with a production history of 23 years.

I couldn't find a suitable thermostat switch or heating element on your website. Can you customize it for me?

Yes, we can customize thermostat switches or heating element according to customer requirements.

Do you have certifications?

Yes, we have UL, TUV, CB, CQC, RoHS, ISO,etc. We can apply for other certifications upon customer request.

How is your quality control?

We have professional inspectors who check the production process of every production line. Here are some highlights of our quality control: 1. Certification and Compliance: Our products have passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification and comply with international safety and environmental standards such as ROHS, SUL, TUV, CB, and CQC. 2. Material Selection: We rigorously screen suppliers and raw materials to ensure that every component meets high-quality standards. 3. Production Process Monitoring: We implement strict quality control measures during the production process, including automated testing equipment and a professional quality inspection team, to ensure that every production link meets quality requirements. 4. Strict Quality Inspection: Before the product leaves the factory, we conduct multiple rounds of functional and durability testing to ensure that the product can work stably in various usage environments. 5. Continuous Improvement: We value customer feedback and continuously improve product design and production processes to meet the ever-changing market demand. 6. After-sales Service: We provide comprehensive after-sales support to customers, including technical consultation, product repair, and replacement services, to ensure that customer issues are resolved in a timely manner.

How do I know if your product listings are accurate?

We have a lot of item data constantly being updated! Sometimes this may lead to issues like inaccurate product information, incorrect pricing or outdated product availability. We apologize for those issues.

I checked out the shipping ETA on the product page, but I need this item sooner! Can you ship it any faster?

If you need your product faster than what is estimated, we may be able to offer overnight or two-day delivery at an additional charge. You can raise such a request and our team can update the shipping options on the phone and can choose the suitable option by paying the corresponding charges.

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